Mauric - Male Tiefling - Warlock

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Mauric - Male Tiefling - Warlock

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Name Mauric Jard
Gender Male
Race Tiefling

Height 6ft or 1.8m
Build Wiry, athletic

The tiefling before you seems to have a lot of arcane items about him. Far-descended from night hags (DC: lore 15), he has light bluish-gray skin and small horns on his head. There is a fell gleam in his red eyes. He is wiry and of above-average height for his race. This tiefling often has a mocking grin. . .
Mauric wears a brigandine armor coat and is armed with a glaive polearm. There often seems to be manacles and large keyring dangling from his belt.

Mauric bristles at being called "devil". Generally, he is a blithe but sardonic fellow. It's as if most of life is a joke.
The exception is coin - and the power and influence it brings. Mauric is always on the lookout for opportunities. This conjurer (DC: lore 20, identify class) seems driven by power, and is always willing to examine the arcane or the esoteric. He is loyal to those who show their worth.

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