Chelsea Hinkill - Female Halfling - Swashbuckler

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Chelsea Hinkill - Female Halfling - Swashbuckler

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Name: Chelsea Hinkill
Gender: Female
Race: Halfling
Physical Description: A slender built hin just beginning to go pale from the lack of sun, Chelsea is quickly recognizable by her bombastic outfits of scarlets and golds. Her right eye is covered by a brilliant cardinal strip of silk, with the smallest hint of what appears to be a patchwork scar or ragged burn peeking out beneath the edges. Her left eye is a vibrant grassy green, and tends to roam eagerly about her surroundings. Her onyx black hair is swept back, held in place by a yellow ribbon. All across her body are strapped throwing knives, darts, axes, and needles. Two sharp kukris stay strapped to her thighs at all times, and a large sabre, almost too big for her, rests at her hip.
Personality: Chelsea is quick to smile at all who engage her, and tends to walk with a noticeable skipping gait. One could almost mistake her for an optimist in fact. A bit of a flirt, Chelsea comes off as defiant, fearless, and somewhat homocidal, as her fighting style is unusually vicious and she's often heard howling in joy as she throws herself into the fray.
There's a high chance she's a bit unstable.

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