Vlon'riia - Female Drow - cleric

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Vlon'riia - Female Drow - cleric

Postby xorena Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:44 pm

Name: Vlon'riia
Gender: Female
Race: Drow

Physical Description: The drow woman seems composed, her armor meticulously clear of dust and debris. She has a determined gaze.

The faint pattern of a spiderweb covers her left epaulet. A long, platinum chain plunges down her chest and disappears into the neckline of her armor so it rests against her smooth, dark skin. Any symbol is hidden by chain and plate.

Her armor and weapons are typical for a drow of her station.

Personality: As is typical for drow priestesses, Vlon'riia has an inflated sense of entitlement. Her sole focus right now is to become a full priestess of her church.

Backstory: To come... maybe... I have something in mind.

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