Bambrixa - Female Tiefling

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Bambrixa - Female Tiefling

Postby edmaster44 Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:12 pm

Name: Bambrixa , More often than not she went by the shorten version, Bambi
Gender: Female
Race: Tiefling
Age: 18

Physical Description:
She stood a mere 5’3 with a lithe body. She had horns like goats and skin as pale as bone with a few patches of blue here and there, she also had six fingers, but more often than not, she wore a hood to cover her otherworldly and long sleeves to hide her extra digit.

Personality: Brash, and hard headed, more often than not her tongue would get her into trouble. "Hah! Catch me if you can!" - Bambi, running away from a an angry mob! - Never one to stay and fight, she preferred words to weasel her way out of sticky and often times dangerous situations.


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