Thievery and Crime - Opportunity for interested PCs

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Thievery and Crime - Opportunity for interested PCs

Postby Ostheim Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:06 pm

Hey all, this is mainly to let interested players know that I'd be happy to help facilitate their larcenous desires as a DM. If any player is interested in setting up a player faction that would fulfill the role of a thieving gang (with possible advancement to a more notable Thieves Guild status if you play your cards right) to go after lucrative buildings and targets, let me know either over PM or Discord. Solo-thieves are also fine, but I encourage like-minded PCs to come together for ease of coordination and RP fun.

I should note right away that this is a possibly extremely dangerous concept to play in - very few in Skullport will suffer a thief's antics for long, especially if they're careless. Consequences can result in angered parties enslaving you, cutting off limbs, and all manner of other unpleasantness. PCs need not be the only ones you fear! Mess up and NPCs will be more than happy to pick up the slack. Pick your targets well and you might just get mercy, though; who knows?

By subscribing to this sort of concept, I encourage you to give full consent to the potential consequences, shy of permadeath (though that's fine too, if you're hardcore enough).

Lastly, a note about stealing from other players - coordinate as much as possible before you play it out. Treat it like you would PVP in terms of consent and establishing consequences that might incur. The main focus of my interest here will be in facilitating heists and 'jobs' for you to do, as well as random opportunities, but I won't prevent anyone from plying their trade on victims willing to play ball.

Again, PM me or hit me up on Discord, and happy thieving.

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