Pace of RP — slow down

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Pace of RP — slow down

Postby xorena Sun Dec 03, 2017 2:24 am

Hey all. I've been thinking about this for a long time and I've a moment to write.

When we are RPing we are all trying to tell a story together. Sometimes it's important to take your time, and let others have their time as well.

Do you have a good way to telegraph if you're taking your time to respond? Sometimes I type something out after thinking how my character would react, and by the time I've formed a response others have already continued on with another line of thought.
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Re: Pace of RP — slow down

Postby Xeneize Sun Dec 03, 2017 12:39 pm

Whenever I roleplay in groups, I have already prepared for a few things that I think are important for me:

1. Not everyone is going to type monographs of emotes; nor will they all have the same orthography or syntax.

2. Some of us are slower to type than others, so whenever my character is done with what he is saying/doing, I give a chance for others to type; especially true when I am actually waiting for everyone's reaction to my character's latest act/statement.

3. If I am engaging myself to roleplay in a group; I am accepting that not all players have the same time to be online; however I also believe that if you are going to engage yourself in a main role in the current adventure, then you have enough time to allow others to type their lines.

4. No, I will not wait 20 minutes for someone to type out an emote(there are exceptions to this, I may be waiting that much if my character is not playing an active role). There is being courteous, and then there is being inconsiderate.

5. People(DMs included) have impromptu in-real-life events that force them to have to AFK; so I am also ready for that. However I believe that if you know you are going to be interrupted every few minutes or so, then it is courteous of you to find a way to allow the story to go on without your character(or DM role).

I have many other points to make but these above are the big five that I always keep in mind and try to live up to.
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Re: Pace of RP — slow down

Postby TheSpaniard Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:24 pm

It comes down going through the motions, or trying to write a cooperative story. If a player does not take time to breathe life into the environment, it goes against the whole point of role-playing. We as players need to maintain a suspension of disbelief, in terms of the time, location, and number of enemies/them respawning, etc. . . I don't pretend I am going through the same dungeon again, and don't metagame, the fact I know what's happening ahead. I think this is important and something many players don't do because they mainly care about EXP gains, which ruins the whole point of playing a true story focused RPG .
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Re: Pace of RP — slow down

Postby DaftyXIII Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:40 am

Honestly xorena, not only is it the story, but some folks reaction like my own characters need to slow down a bit to.

I have that flaw, and it is something that should be worked on. I think this is the biggest issue for some of us. It's hard to react to a spamming reaction for those around me.

A lot of the time tho, it's due to me being extremely nervous or under stress as a person, so I can't think properly. That is ugly for all players, around me.

Back to the story part tho, a longer, slow burn story is more enjoyable like a actual PnP campaign. But we all tend to want to progress at a faster pace because we want to see what's next in store, when we like the story. But in NWN2 there is no group gathering around XXXX time, it's persistent, you can only hope others will do their part.

And as far as cooperative story goes.... let me put it this way for the rest... a bit of cooperation due to a little competition outweighing the rest, can be good. When I do go back to Skullport, I plan to do it right. Trying to be more Diplomatic, establish proper relations that ONLY would benefit my characters goals, and I will be just fine.

Deception is fun and all, but it can lead to a mess OOCly if not careful. When you RP a jerk, expect to be treated like a jerk. If you hide that your a jerk IC, it tends to catch others off guard, no one likes that.

Overall, I don't know what's going on nowadays in Skullport, but it seems like some others are enjoying it. I'm glad to see that :)

Sorry if I derailed a bit from your original post, but I felt that it might help out a bit to reinforce the point of "slow down, and try to think, before you react." and if you can't do that, it's break time.

I myself am now officially taking a bit of a break from NWN2 overall as a result. Tell you what tho, I'm a lot happier right now that I am able to relax a bit now. :P
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Re: Pace of RP — slow down

Postby DirtyGoblin Mon Dec 04, 2017 7:47 am

It depends on who I'm rping with. If someone is just blasting out messages, I just cut my responses short to cope, separate emotes or texts, etc. I generally prefer when people wait for a reply, for an appropriate amount of time before they respond, but not everyone writes/emotes at the same pace.
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Re: Pace of RP — slow down

Postby DaftyXIII Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:16 pm

I confuse you a bit? Well, here's what I have to say now that I am clear of mind.

I was having issues on another server, which honestly, I brought my issues here after it seemed. With that said, there has been some slight turmoil on all servers across inevitably due to many. In a small community like NWN2, nasty whispers and rumors travel fast.

On the side, I only wanted to say, Skullport server is fine, i'm sure as are many. Folks like myself just needed to calm the heck down!

I'm not play a "woe is me!" here, just being realistic. I have heard some nasty rumors regarding Skullport and many other servers. I guess now I'm asking, are they really all true?

And, yes it was a bit off-topic, I know :P

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