Server Direction Suggestion

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Max Hatchet
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Server Direction Suggestion

Postby Max Hatchet Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:28 pm

Following on from the 'server dead' thread but trying to go into a constructive direction...

perhaps lN THE LONG RUN the server would be renamed 'Undermountain' rather then 'Skullport' (suggested before on Discord)

i was just looking at FR3.5 City Of Splendors - Waterdeep and the lists of all the places in Undermountain that look so interesting

My suggestion for THE LONG TERM is to try to structure the random UM much more with the pre-made areas - to use random UM areas as links between different main areas

(im not a coder so dont know how much of this is possible)

So we have certain pre made major areas already - Skullport, The Pit, the Promenade

ideally in the future other canon areas would be added, like The Vanrakdoom, The Wyllowood, Kyorlamshin for example

The UM random dungeons would link these areas but with some specific paramenters

So for instance:

1. Taglaths Pass would be linked to the Promenade with 5 Lvl10 random areas populated by a selection from goblins/gnolls/vermin/others

2. Linking the Promenade to The Pit could be 4 lvl 15 areas with a random selection from vermin/slimes/drow/others

3. Taglath's Pass would also link to North Pools with 10 lvl 5 areas with vermin/goblins/bandits/trolls/others

4. Linking North Pools to Kyorlamshin could be 20 lvl 15 areas with a selection from vermin/umber hulks/duergar/goblins/orcs/others


and etc with other areas if they could be created and brought online
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Re: Server Direction Suggestion

Postby Draugir Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:40 am

I think the server would benefit from adding Waterdeep, or some other more stereotypical city, that could have a well-described relationship with Skullport.

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