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Pen and Paper Spells

Postby Rhicora Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:39 pm

Pen and paper spells such as geas, scrying, sending, long-duration dominate person etc. are not broadly endorsed by the staff, and player characters should never be assumed to have them in their spellbooks. This also applies to roleplayed magical items that do not exist in your inventory. Unless a DM is directly overseeing the scene, you must always respect another player's desire to end the effects of such a spell, regardless of whether it impacts them.

Our policy has always been that roleplayed pen and paper spells wear off as soon as they come anywhere near conflict. It's fine to use mage hand to open an unlocked door, or clean a dirty workspace with a cantrip. It's not fine to magically compel someone to spy on another faction, to attack a friend, or come under the effects of amnesia such that they will forget an encounter. You may not keep another player character in magical thrall under pen and paper rules without staff approval.

The only situations in which pen and paper magic will be allowed are when (1) everyone involved explicitly agrees to it, or (2) it has been approved by a DM in a ticket. Take an honest look at the full list of people who will be involved. That list doesn't just include the caster and the person the spell is cast upon, it also includes your enemies if you intend to use magic to harm, deceive, or betray them. You should almost always contact us if your plan involves conflict.

When in doubt, submit a ticket to the staff, and don't assume you're capable of PnP spells until you get an answer.

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