How To: Manually Download Files

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How To: Manually Download Files

Postby Rhicora Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:18 pm


Autodownloader having trouble with a hak? You can find our hak files here:

Skullport HAKs (Uncompressed)

You can download them and drop them into your Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2/haks folder. After that, try joining the server again!

TRX and other files

If the above method doesn't work for your missing file, you'll need to grab its compressed file (for example, dm_coldlake.TRX.lzma).

All Skullport Files (Compressed)

You'll then need 7zip to uncompress those .lzma files.

If you need to download many of these files at once, try FileZilla or another FTP client. The server address will be, the username is 'skulker', the password is 'heraldsmeet', and the port is 21.


Ping us in #contact-staff in Discord or open a General Inquiries ticket if you need help!

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